(a) Filing tax returns:


With several years of experience, we guarantee you with the best Tax Return service in GTA area. At JMD Accounting & Taxations Services Inc, you are offered a full range of taxation services, from Personal Taxation to Business Taxation, we cover all types of clients and give high priority to each and every client. Tax filing can be a complex task if you are not aware of the upcoming changes in the CRA and the way it now looks towards different types of businesses.

Changing tax laws in Ontario and changing life events make it tough for Toronto businesses and individuals to file an income tax return properly. Sometimes we make common mistakes that CRA overlooks and fines heavily of just a small mistake. Some of the mistakes can be repeating a mistake from the last year return, not reporting tips and gratuities etc. Recently, CRA has been actively reviewing filings from sectors like construction, retail, hotels and restaurants so make sure you can justify all income reported and all deductions claimed. We provide reliable tax return filing service in Brampton. Rely on us and all these complexities in filing tax returns will be the thing of the past.


We at IMD Accounting & Taxation Services Inc, will help you with all your financial statements and help in filing your income tax returns properly. We provide timely filing of tax return documents and provide our clients with complete details of the tax returns being submitted for record keeping purpose. We have a team of professionals in Mississauga, who will always be there to answer your queries and solve your problems related to filing tax returns.

We are experts in filing following tax returns :

  • HST returns
  • WSIB returns
  • Payroll returns
  • EHT returns
  • Personal Tax Returns
  • Corporate Tax Returns

Other than large corporate businesses, we also prepare tax returns for small businesses in Toronto such as Sole proprietorship, Rental Property Owners, Partnerships, Self-employed etc.


(b)Corporation Tax Preparation and fiing

At JMD Accounting and Taxation Services Inc, we provide the best taxation service for corporate businesses in Mississauga, Brampton and Greater Toronto Area. We understand needs of your business and we have built custom tax solution that can help your business to an extreme extent. Running a small business in Toronto brings a huge amount of responsibilities and its impossible to handle the tax responsibilities and focus on business needs together. Due to load of pressure from business work, owners always find difficulties filing the corporate tax returns properly and falling short of time.

Problems with filing tax returns is a very dangerous thing in Canada due to CRA’s strict tax policies and can adversely effect your business operations. To minimize your problems, we have created custom cost friendly solutions for your tax filing needs and your taxation will be managed by our professional team which is highly trained to handle even the most complex tax problems with ease.

If your business is running in Mississauga, Vaughan, Toronto, Brampton, Etobicoke or nearby areas, your can easily access our tax related services by visiting us or giving us a call and we will be glad to help you. We can help you take proper advantage of tax breaks and provide a professional tax planning that can help you to grow your business to maximum’s. Business and Corporate Tax entities can enjoy a dedicated tax planning from our expertise accounting service.

With us, you can enjoy benifits like:

  • Compliance with CRA policies and Canadian Tax Laws.
  • Proper planning to minimize tax.
  • Handling of Tax Credits and Refunds.
  • Proper handling of paperwork.
  • Accurate and updated records of your business with us.

Want to know more about our Corporate / Business Taxation Service, just give us a call and we will be ready for your assistance.


(c) Personal taxation :

We help you minimize the stress our of your personal tax filing needs. Majority of Canadians are left high and dry when it comes to filing personal income tax. We can help you minimize your stress of filing personal taxes.

Rajiv Arora is a highly experienced CPA in Mississauga and can help you in completing the tax forms and submitting them to CRA on your behalf by 30th April of every year. We know that your time is precious and you do not want to connect yourself to an accounting firm that always lags behind in working for your needs. We assure that we will provide the best personal tax filing service to our clients now and in future too.

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(d) Tax Planner and Advisor

Rajiv Arora, a renowned CPA in Brampton is also well known as a highly qualified Tax Planner and Advisor. We believe that tax should be paid in a fair share, that is you only pay the taxes that you are required to. We keep updated with newly developed tax strategies that can help individuals and businesses file taxes properly thus maximizing their savings. We follow the best Canadian Tax practices and provide strategic tax advice to corporate businesses as well as individuals.

We can help you with following :

  • Provide tax consultation for indirect tax matters related to federal excise tax, GST/HST and provincial taxes in Ontario.
  • Timely monitoring of all changes related to indirect taxes and ensuring utmost advice to multiple businesses.
  • Advisory services related to tax audits.

If you are looking for a tax consultant in Toronto or a taxation advisor in Mississauga or a Canadian accountant, you have come to the best place. We provide tailored Tax and Advisory services according to each clients needs. Don’t ever get caught with problems due to the complex tax policies of the Canadian Government. If you have been screwed by your existing accounting firm and are looking to switch to a highly reliable accountant and advisory firm, call Rajiv Madan for instant assistance. We will properly advise you with what to do and what to avoid. With our guidance, you can make yourself assured that your business is in the expert hands.